Who We Are

We are a community group formed by Hanover citizens who want to protect EVERYONE’S first amendment right of the freedom to read 

What do we do?

We advocate for the parents and students of Hanover County to make their own reading choices. 
We support the Pamunkey Regional Library.

Why do we do it?

Our mission is to increase and retain the freedom to read for all in our schools and our public library system.

How do we do it?

We support school and public libraries and their staff, including our highly educated teachers and librarians.  We speak for those who can’t and aim to support those who can. We educate the public about school and library processes. We inform the public about upcoming policy changes and seek transparent decision making.

How can I help?

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Attend Pamunkey Regional Library Board Meetings

Write to your Board of Supervisors Representative

Current Action Priorities

The restrictions on access to books that have been created in our public schools are coming to the libraries in the Pamunkey Regional Library System. The proposed “Policy for Protecting Children from Harmful, Sexually Explicit Material in Areas Designated for Minors” would have you believe that there is inappropriate material in the children’s section.  There isn’t.  Our wonderful, professional librarians see to that.

The proposed policy would prohibit any minor, even a 17 year-old, from checking out any book that they deem to include “explicit content” (which includes award winning Young Adult titles like Looking for Alaska, The Perks of Being a Wildflower, Poet X and many more) even though the parents already gave permission for their teen to check out books by signing the library card application. The policy would also force the libraries to create a segregated “restricted” section.

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